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SBI Vietnam short presentation

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Dear all participants,

You may have noticed that our webpages are now offering to Vietnamese visitors some pages in Vietnamese as an introduction of our progress in working with Vietnamese partners.

Above all, we are happy to announce that SBI Vietnam representative office is now managed by our Marketing and Communication team in Vietnam, with Doan Thanh Tu. 

Upcoming activities will be announced, along with new training courses available online and offline.

Have a good day, Admin

Collaboration avec EIDM International Fashion and Luxury Business School (France)

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Our partner EIDM (International Fashion and Luxury Business School) based in Paris offer Bachelor and Master Degrees.

On 26 February 2020, the conference hosted by EIDM in Paris had Dr Anh Tho Andres as guest speaker to conduct a class on International Communication on the evolution of the Vietnamese Fashion across time and space. 

The Event has drawn about 30 participants, mostly Vietnamese residents in Paris, and was a success. The positive outcome was that due to an intensive marketing campaign run on socio media with the participation of Doan Thanh Tu, our Vietnam Country Manager, and Trang Thanh Tu, a Vietnamese artist living in Paris.

Séances portes ouvertes sont à découvir  : 

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Free 700 ebooks to download and site visits with UNESCO and FNAC

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Dear Registered participants to,

Visit http: for a free visit offered by UNESCO and FNAC (500 free
ebooks to download), films and videos, available in 7 languages and covering all cultural relics available on libraries in the whole world.

Message in French:

L'UNESCO a eu la grande idée de donner accès gratuitement à la bibliothèque numérique mondiale sur Internet. Voici le lien : la France.Il rassemble des cartes, des textes, des photos, des enregistrements et des films de tous les temps et explique les joyaux et les reliques culturelles de toutes les bibliothèques de la planète, disponible en sept langues. Profitez-en et faites-en profiter votre entourage.


Best regards, Anh Tho

Strategies for Success... message from Anh Tho

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How to get a DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in International Relations and Political Communications in 3 Steps:

  • Step I: Upon completion of the first 2 modules under DAS.IR.000 study programme, students will get a Certificate in IR Studies.
  • Step II: Upon completion of the next 3 modules under DAS.IR.000, students will get a Certificate of Advanced Studies in IR and Political Communications.
  • Step III: Upon completion of a final dissertation under the supervision of an SBI-accredited professor, students will get a Diploma of Advanced Studies in IR and Political Communications.

To register to this course:, Dr Anh Tho Andres, International Education Consultant.

Instructors(tbc): Experts on International Relations, Professors based in Geneva

Hope this can help those who consider to change career...

Best regards,

Dr Anh Tho Andres-Hoang

Founder and Initiator of project


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SBI Training Solutions is a company registered in Singapore.

Our Mission is to provide the best learning resources to learners at affordable price , using the latest technologies.

We provide Teachers with tools to design their online course, using OER course material and references based on Common Creative Rights.

Our Courses are organised per module of an average workload of 40 hours per topic, selected among MBA subjects proposed by most international Business schools in the World.

Our Pre-MBA bilingual classes prepare students with the necessary skills in Management Basics in English and their own native languages such as Vietnamese, Japanese, French, German, Russian, or Chinese.

Our Summer school programms with partner universities and enterprises in four continents allow students to get immersed in university and work environments while preparing themselves to join the corporate world after their graduation with the sets of skills and knowledge adapted to the fast changing world without pain.

Our Textbooks and course material are downloadable at a minimum cost or in some cases, offered for Free, for some countries.

We hope that you can benefit from the knowledge gathered over the years, and now being passed on to you, with my compliments.

Dr Anh Tho Andres-Hoang

Founder and Initiator of this project