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CAS.MGT.000 Creative Writing

The module on creative writing is an essential part of the learning process of any student who wish to succeed in his/her studies. 

Other modules such as Essentials of Marketing, Essentials of Organisational Behaviour, Essentials of International Relations, Essentials of Ethical Leadership Education, Essentials of Human Resource Management, Introduction to  International Organisations and International Trade are important foundation elements for students who are not familiar with these topics in their previous studies.

For non-native English speaking students, in particular for Vietnamese students, our ENG-4-MBA method provides an excellent way to get acquainted with the basic business English terms that form an important foundation for further studies at master's levels.

Courses are designed by experienced trainers who are familiar with multilingual and intercultural learning contexts adapted to the needs of Asian students for effective results and impact in their studies.

CAS.MGT.001 Essentials of Marketing

The 'Essentials of Marketing: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach' book is about marketing strategy planning. At its essence, marketing strategy planning is about figuring out how to do a superior job of satisfying customers.

What’s unique about Essentials of Marketing?

The four P's framework, managerial orientation, and strategy planning focus have proven to be foundational pillars that are remarkably robust for supporting new developments in the field and innovations in the text
and package.

1. 'Essentials of Marketing' teaches students analytical abilities and how-to-do-it skills that prepare them for success. The author team has deliberately included a variety of examples, explanations, frameworks, models, classification systems, cases, and “how-to-do-it” techniques that relate to our overall framework for marketing strategy planning.

Similarly, the online 'Marketing Plan Coach' helps students see how to create marketing plans. Taken together, these items speed the development of “marketing sense” and enable the student to analyze marketing situations and develop marketing plans in a confident and meaningful way. They are practical and they work.

2. Aspects on relationship marketing, international marketing, services marketing, marketing and the Internet, marketing for nonprofit organizations, marketing ethics, social issues, and business-to-business marketing are presented in a blended way to let students understand the correlations between different aspects of marketing.

3 main parts for your listening, comprehension, and self-test quizzes

1. Narrated Presentations includes Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Research, Buyer Behavior, Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Segment Position.

2. Glossary per chapter from chapter 1 to chapter 18. 

3. Self-test Quizzes include basic and advanced levels from chapter 1 to chapter 18.

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CAS.MGT.002 Essentials of Organizational Behaviour

Course Summary

This course aims to introduce organisational culture concepts and gives you some first-hand experience in understanding the cultural values of an organization. 

You will be provided with a variety of perspectives and experiences. 

Expected Outcome / Learning

  • To understand the relationship between organizational culture and the business context. 
  • What is organizational culture and what role does it play in contributing to effective management, organizational innovation, and success?
  • To examine and develop an awareness of the role of organizational culture in leadership.


Pre-MBA English Certification required.

Required Textbook

Stephen Robbins. Essentials of Organizational Behavior with My Management Lab: Global Edition, 11/E, Pearson Higher Education, 2012, ISBN-13: 9780273754527


CAS.MGT.003 Essentials on Ethical Leadership in Practice

This course will focus on dialogical leadership which enables transparent and effective deliberation. Leadership can apply to all sectors but our course will mainly discuss leadership applied to business organisations.  

Case studies will be discussed on ethical dilemma facing business managers in the context of globalisation.

Manager: Haluk Haksal