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HEG.MGT.001 Research Methodology and Writing Skills Study Guide

Please refer to the course syllabus HEG.MGT.001 for the organisation of this module.

Tips for learning success strategies

1) Week 1-4: Try to learn each topic with key words that are part of a concept.  Refer to our study guide as attached

2) Review weeks 1-4 exercice and write mid-term writing assignments.

3) Week 7-8: repeat the same as weeks 1- 4 with exercises for weeks 5-8.

Week 9-10: Review and Research orientation

  • Review weeks 1-8. Students are required to complete the week-8 Quiz for revision.
  • Q to A Assignment: Students are required to answer the discussion questions on topics related to the HEG EMBA curriculum (300-500 words).
  • Research Orientation: Students are guided individually to identify the topics of their research as final dissertation for their MBA studies.

ENG.MBA.000 HEG Management Basics Study Guide

Students can sign up for this course to get the English level required to follow an MBA course effectively. 

Learning outcomes

  • Reading comprehension of essential MBA material with translation exercises of specialized English key words;
  • Listening comprehension through presentations on the subject by Management Specialists worldwide; 
  • Research and Report writing skills on management subjects.

Course organisation

  • Comprehension drills: Translation exercises from English into Vietnamese based on recommended textbooks for MBA studies. 
  • Listening drills: Learn with You Tube selection on management subjects, related to the subjects taught during the MBA studies.
  • Essay Writing: Students are required to write their own answers under the form of an essay (in English) to prepare discussion questions based on the MBA curriculum, under the guidance of our experienced bi-lingual teaching assistants.
  • Research Orientation : Students are guided individually by our qualified faculty to identify the topics of their research in view of the final dissertation for their MBA studies. Individual coaching are provided to students either in class or by distance, depending on the choice of topics.
Required Textbook
  • Donald R. Cooper, Pamela S. Schindler, Business Research Methods, 11/e, McGrawHill, 2011
  • Anh Tho Andres, Eng-4-MBA Study Handbook, module 1, Education series, Yourvietbooks Publishing, 2014.
Suggested Readings
  • Creswell, John W., Research Design: Qualitative Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches, Los Angeles, London, Sage Publications, 2009 (3r edition) (ISBN: 978-1-4129-6557-6 paperback) 
  • Publisher's website: www.sagepublications.com