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HEG.MGT.010 Module Entrepreneurship

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course include understanding the strategic process as it applies to a new venture or new company. This includes understanding the role of leadership in the entrepreneurial process and the role of groups and teams to business success or failure. Next, the course will evaluate how best to market goods, services and ideas, as well as how the various business functions interact and complement each other in the achievement of sustainable competitive advantage.

Expected Outcome / Learning

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and explain importance of leadership for the entrepreneur.
  • Develop and implement business strategy.
  • Formulate and execute an effective marketing strategy.
  • Create business plans.
  • Understand and manage the company’s financial assets.
  • Maintain Corporate governance strategy as a key of corporate success.


Basic undergraduate economics course.

Required Textbook

Robert D. Hisrich, Michael P. Peters, Dean A. Shepherd, Entrepreneurship, 8/e, McGraw-Hill, 2010, ISBN-13 9780073530321

Suggested Readings

Ernest R. Cadotte and Harry J. Bruce, The Management of Strategy in the Marketplace, (paperback, 416 pages), ISBN: 978-0-9774064-9-4

Supplementary readings will be provided in the reading assignments for each module