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HEG.MGT.006 Corporate Information Strategy

Course Summary

This course addresses the need for information systems in industry: manage and respond to business pressures. The evolution of Information Systems in Business in the last decade is covered: the web, Internet, intranet, extranets, and electronic commerce - discovery, communication, and collaboration. IT Project Management and risk assessment tools are presented and integrated into the course, not a specialist topic, but as a way for managers to understand and communicate business needs.

 This course examines how information technology (IT) enables organizations to conduct in radically different and more effective ways. This course addresses today’s challenges from point of view of the executives who are grappling with them. It recounts stories of success and failure, focusing on the issues faced and the decisions made by executives in companies around the world.

The cases and readings presented in this course are organized in an Introduction, three modules: Business Impacts, Managing Infrastructure and Operations, and Leadership issues.

Course Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe ways in which information technology creates business value.
  • Describe the use and processing of information for managerial decision making, including ethical and security dilemmas associated with information.
  • Explain how businesses are impacted by enterprise architectures and networks, telecommunications, and distributed computing.
  • Define strategies for using strategic enterprise systems and collaborating to create business value.

Expected Outcome / Learning

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how Information Systems is an essential element of business strategies and identify the challenges they pose and the opportunities they offer
  • Acquire a basic understanding of the managerial issues related to the management and development of corporate Information Systems.
  • Communicate with IT specialists and end-users in the framework of the management or the development of Information Systems to ensure that the corporate objectives are satisfactorily achieved.


Introduction to Computer Information Systems: hardware, software, databases.

Pre-MBA English Certification required.

Required Textbook

L. Applegate, Robert D. Austin, Deborah L. Soule, Corporate Information Strategy & Management: Text and Cases., McGraw – Hill, 8th Edition, 2009

Suggested Readings

Supplementary readings will be provided in the reading assignments for each module.

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