Eng-4-MBA : Learn essential terms in English for better learning outcomes

The English-for-MBA methodology provides students guidelines on how to learn the essential terms in English for the modules to be studied.

Reading assignments provide  Q to A 'questions to answer' which guide students to focus on the essence of the module being taught.

The online bilingual English-Vietnamese Glossary is an extract of essential terms in both languages based on the study material recommended for modules 'Research Methodology and Writing Skills Study Guide' (ENG.HEG.MGT.001).

Listening comprehension with our selection of video material enhances your knowledge in English and Business combined.

Translation exercises and essay writing assignments train students to answer questions related to topics that are essential to the understanding of the discipline while improving their writing skills.

Better learning outcomes result in the combined effort of mastering the vocabulary and the issues at hand, expressed with your own words in both English and your own native language.