Glossary for HEG.MGT.001

The English-Vietnamese bilingual glossary summarises the key terms and concepts that you need to know for this module. The keywords are extracted from the study material recommended for this module. 

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Absolute causality

Means the cause is necessary and sufficient to bring about the effect.

Equivalent terms in Vietnamese: Nguyên nhân tất yếu

Entry link: Absolute causality

Abstract level

In theory development, the level of knowledge expressing a concept that exists only as an idea or a quality apart from an object.

Mức độ trừu tượng

Entry link: Abstract level

Acquiescence bias

A tendency for respondents to agree with all or most questions asked of them in a survey.

Xu hướng người trả lời đồng ý 

Entry link: Acquiescence bias

Admistrative error

An error caused by the improper administration or execution of the research task.

Lỗi hành chính

Entry link: Admistrative error

Analysis of variance (anova)

Analysis involving the investigation of the effects of one treatment variable on an intervalscaled dependent variable-a hypothesis testing technique to determine whether statistically significant differences in means occur between two or more groups.

Phân tích phương sai

Entry link: Analysis of variance (anova)

Applied business research

Research conducted to address a specific business decision for a specific firm or organization.

Nghiên cứu kinh doanh ứng dụng

Entry link: Applied business research


An enduring disposition to consistently respond in a given manner to various aspects of the world composed of affective, cognitive, and behavioral components.

Thái độ

Entry link: Attitude